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Electric power fitting rectangular hanging plate

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Electric power fitting rectangular hanging plate

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Electric power fittings are connected, and all kinds of combination device in power system, the protective effect of mechanical load transfer metal accessories, electrical load and some.
Transmission lines are widely used in iron or aluminum metal accessories, collectively referred to as hardware. Hardware variety, different uses, for example, the installation of various wire clamps for various components, insulator string hanging ring, all kinds of wire pressure pipe, repair pipe bundle conductors of various types of spacers, in addition to the tower with all types of cable fittings, and used as a protective conductor on the size of to cooperate with each other.
Most fitting to bear larger tension in the operation, but also ensure that some electrical contact is good, its relationship with the conductor or the tower's safety, even if a damaged, may also be caused by line fault. Therefore, the hardware quality, proper use and installation of transmission line security has a certain effect.
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