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Composite hollow casing pipe

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Composite hollow casing pipe

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The composite bushing used in capacitor, vacuum circuit breaker and high-voltage equipment, light weight, convenient installation and transportation, high strength, shock resistance, strong impact resistance, pollution resistance, manual cleaning, is an ideal substitute for porcelain casing.
The hollow composite insulator is mainly composed of epoxy glass fiber winding pipe fittings, silicone rubber climbing umbrella skirt and connecting flange main components. Epoxy glass fiber reinforced pipe insulation is a hollow composite insulator, with epoxy resin impregnated continuous E-glass fiber according to the mechanical design of layer winding processed by special winding machine, has excellent mechanical strength and dielectric properties.
Silicone rubber climbing skirt as the external insulation of the hollow composite insulator, assume the necessary electrical functions, such as protection and provide creepage distance. The connecting flange formed by bonding by aluminum die-casting, unique technology, mechanical load transfer, provides a seal for structural support and connected. Hollow composite insulator for 40.5kV~550kV power system, such as: SF6 transformer, SF6 circuit breaker sleeve, arrester, high voltage bushing, segmented capacitor, cable terminals and other high-voltage electrical products.
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