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Suspension composite insulator

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Suspension composite insulator

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Composite insulator, porcelain sleeve pipe by gossan (suspension or silicone rubber) and steel pin (conductive rod), and cement glue as one. The cylinder head structure of products using the most advanced international, which is characterized by small head size. Light weight, high strength and large creepage distance. Can save metal materials and reduce line cost. In order to meet the needs of live working, the structure shape on the brim of the traditional domestic.
Composite insulator products made of glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin drawing rod, a silicon rubber umbrella skirt, fittings of three parts. The silicone rubber skirt adopts the whole injection process, which solves the key problem of the reliability of the composite insulator. Connecting glass drawing rod and fittings with the most advanced crimping technology, equipped with automatic ultrasonic flaw detection system, high strength, beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, galvanized fittings can prevent corrosion, can be used interchangeably with porcelain insulator, the product structure is reliable, does not damage the core rod, can give full play to the mechanical strength.
The excellent electrical performance, high mechanical strength, epoxy glass internal bearing drawing rod tensile flexural strength is 2 times higher than ordinary steel, is 8~10 times of high strength porcelain material, effectively improve the reliability of safe operation.
Good dirt resistance, good anti fouling performance, strong resistance to pollution flashover, its wet withstand voltage and pollution withstand voltage for the same creepage porcelain insulators 2~2.5 times. And do not need to clean, in heavy pollution to safe operation.
Small size, light weight (only the same voltage grade porcelain insulator 1/6~1/9). Lightweight structure, easy to transport and installation.
Silicone rubber umbrella skirt has good hydrophobicity, its overall structure ensures that the internal insulation is not damp, no need for preventive insulation monitoring test, without cleaning, reducing the daily maintenance workload.
Sealing performance is good, electric corrosion resistance, umbrella skirt material leakage resistance up to TMA4.5 level, with good aging resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature performance, can be applied to -40 DEG C ~-50 area.
Has strong impact resistance and shock resistance, good anti brittleness and creep resistance, not easy to break, bending and torsional strength is high, can withstand internal pressure, explosion-proof power, interchangeable and ceramic and glass insulators.
A series of products of composite insulators, the mechanical and electrical properties were better than those of porcelain insulators, running large safety margin, is the update product for power line.
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