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FXBW4-330 suspended composite insulator

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FXBW4-330 suspended composite insulator

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1 Product Overview
High voltage line rod composite insulator is composed of insulated core rod, silicon glue and cover at both ends of the connection fitting three parts. The mandrel is insulating epoxy glass fiber drawing rod for short, it is the composite insulator skeleton, plays a supporting and connecting both ends of the inner insulation housing, fittings, and subjected to mechanical load multiple roles, with high tensile strength, over 600Mpa, is 2 times that of ordinary steel, ceramic materials 5 to 8 times, and are resistant to chemical corrosion and good dielectric properties, and good resistance to bending fatigue, creep resistance and impact resistance. Silicone rubber sheath protects the main mandrel, shielding rain and snow, increase the creepage distance and external insulation products, with polymer silicone rubber as matrix, with flame retardant, anti aging agent, coupling agent and filler with high temperature and high pressure vulcanization, has good hydrophobicity and migration, as well as good corrosion resistance, aging resistance, electrical insulation properties. And has a high flashover voltage and crushing performance, voltage distribution is uniform, compared with the porcelain under the same conditions flashover voltage is 2 times more than porcelain. Light weight (porcelain insulator 1/8), small size, not fragile, high tensile strength, easy transportation.
2 functional characteristics
The composite insulator fittings of special steel manufacturing, fitting end is designed based on the principle of the labyrinth, multi-layer protection, good sealing performance, solves the key problem of insulator interface - Electrical breakdown. Connection fittings and the mandrel of the world's most advanced computer controlled constant pressure coaxial connection technology, and equipped with automatic acoustic emission detection system, to ensure the reliability and stability of the mandrel and connection fittings. The ERC high temperature resistant core rod, the mandrel and the interface of silicon rubber coated with special coupling agent. The umbrella cover uses a disposable integral forming process under high temperature and high pressure, with two vulcanization computer monitoring, prolong the service life of the product. This product is especially suitable for heavy pollution area, the environmental temperature between -40 DEG C ~+40 DEG C, altitude not more than 2000 meters.
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