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Insulator is a special kind of insulation control, which can play an important role in overhead transmission lines. Early for the wire rod insulator, slowly developed in the high type high-voltage wire is connected to one end of the tower hung a lot of insulator plate, which is to increase the creepage distance, usually made of glass or ceramic, called insulators. Insulators should not be due to environmental and electrical load conditions change caused by various mechanical and electrical stress and failure, otherwise the insulator will not have a significant effect, will damage the use and operation of the whole line.
Insulator effect
One end of the high-voltage wire connecting tower is hung with a plurality of disc shaped insulators, which are made of glass or ceramics to increase creepage distance, called insulators.
In order to prevent dust and other dirt on the surface of the insulator is attached, forming pathways across the insulator breakdown voltage is increased. Therefore, the creepage distance is the surface, creepage distance, discharge distance along the surface of the insulation is called the leakage distance of creepage distance of creepage distance = surface distance / maximum system voltage. According to varying degrees of pollution, heavy pollution area the creepage distance is 31 mm / kv.
Zero value insulator refers to the potential distribution of insulator is close to zero or equal to zero insulator in operation.
Zero or low value insulator effect: insulation line wire depends on the insulator string, due to manufacturing defects or the role of the outside world, the insulation performance of insulators will continue to deteriorate when the insulation resistance is reduced or zero called low or zero value insulator. We have on line detection, zero or low value insulator proportion up to about 9%. This is the line lightning trip rate, another major reason for the high. The insulator is smooth, can reduce the effect of capacitance between the wires, in order to reduce the loss of current.
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