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Suspension insulator

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Suspension insulator

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Suspension insulator, generally by insulating parts (such as porcelain, glass and metal accessories (such as steel) feet, gossan, flange etc.) with adhesive bonding or mechanical clamping is formed. Insulator is widely used in power system, it belongs to outer insulation and works in atmospheric condition. External conductors of overhead transmission lines, power plants and substations and electrical conductors of various electrical equipment shall be supported by insulators and insulated with earth (or ground objects) or other conductors with potential differences.
As one of the important equipment of power transmission lines, Znsulator undertakes an important task of the tower and hanging wire insulation, the production of porcelain insulator, high pressure around the world use of EHV and UHV transmission lines, to provide a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the transmission line.
Suspended porcelain insulators are classified into two types: Insulators for AC systems and porcelain insulators for DC systems. High insulation resistance and anti corrosion Design of umbrella structure of metal accessories and special materials to DC porcelain insulators produced by our company can meet the DC transmission on the performance of the demanding requirements of aging products.
A variety of porcelain insulator umbrella structure design, provides a variety of options for the reasonable use of various lines in different regions.
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