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Post composite insulator

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Post composite insulator

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Post composite insulator can effectively use the narrow corridor pressure transmission, suitable for the innovation of city network, can reduce the height of the tower, which can save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, because of its high bending strength, can prevent the porcelain crossarm cascade fracture accident prone, is the porcelain cross arm can not be replaced by products; small volume, light weight, shock resistance, strong impact resistance, without manual cleaning, which guarantees safe operation. This product adopts the whole rod type design, compact structure, high quality, weight is the same grade porcelain and glass insulator 1/10, transportation installation is very convenient.
Suitable for polluted areas, high mechanical tensile load, large span and compact lines. The flashover voltage is higher than that of the same grade porcelain and glass insulator 30%-50%. Stable performance at -60 degrees --+200 degrees under ambient temperature; the non breakdown type design, without measuring zero operation. The excellent electrical performance, high mechanical strength, epoxy glass internal bearing drawing rod tensile flexural strength is 2 times higher than ordinary steel, is 8~10 times of high strength porcelain material, effectively improve the reliability of safe operation.
Good dirt resistance, good anti fouling performance, strong resistance to pollution flashover, its wet withstand voltage and pollution withstand voltage for the same creepage porcelain insulators 2~2.5 times. And do not need to clean, in heavy pollution to safe operation.
Small size, light weight (only the same voltage grade porcelain insulator 1/6~1/9). Lightweight structure, easy to transport and installation.
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