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Structure dispersion of composite insulator

The composite insulator surface is mixing good insulation rubber material, fixed shape of the mold cavity, heating and pressurizing vulcanization, the appearance of raw material structure and internal structure of scattered data scatter difference, if the surface layer of random dispersion of silica reinforced particles of some, because white carbon black reinforcing agent the appearance of hydroxyl and anti center effect structuring agent of hydroxyl silicone oil, the silica reinforcing agent has appropriate thickness granularappearance siloxane molecules, molecular chain segment outer silicone activity conformation and the end appearances are normal by the number of organic siloxane molecules in free radical head of many, on the surface layer of randomly distributed particle size corresponding to extra large and a few other aluminum hydroxide filler particles, the surface adhesion to orientation placed two dimensionally linear siloxane molecules and the intermolecular cross link effect, There is no possibility of a molecular activity chain and rarely the presence of siloxane molecules at the end. 
To the corresponding particularly large size aluminum hydroxide and a few other filler particles on the surface of the situation, because liquidity factors such as mould heating and pressurizing vulcanization technology and colloidal siloxane molecules, forming the outer edge of the material appearance may show granular phenomenon, most likely to make the particles in parallel with silicone rubber top condition the appearance of raw materials.