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Insulator work prospects

Also called insulation column insulator and insulation barrier column is two times in the supply of extra insulation equipment collaborative components, it is mainly used for supporting the cabinet cabinet and bus copper bar between the shell and the insulated bus copper bar. Ensure products are used in high strength mechanical environment.
Analysis and Prospect of "investment" in China in 2011 Chen guess flash insulator, in recent years China's power industry started to work out large insulator has brought the company should There was no parallel in history.
opportunity, to seize the opportunity, relying on technological progress and enhance the quality of processing, fully meet the power requirement of industry, especially high-grade porcelain hollow insulator and bushing the market demand for products. With the deepening of China's urban network transformation and the creation of smart grid, insulator demand soared, the market potential is endless, expand prospects.
Ming's focus on the supply of high-end insulator solutions, Chong Chong insulation column work the first brand. The company has a group of high-quality scientific research, processing and implementation of relevant personnel, equipment products mainly used in communication cabinet, inverter, new energy cars, wind energy, solar energy and other fields in the insulation and support of live parts work. All products are selected unsaturated resin BMC (Bulk molding compound) material injection. 100% arrive flame retardant (UL94V-0) and SGS test. Insert the main copper, steel based, can also be customized according to customer requests. Now has successfully developed 100 kinds of insulation column products, annual production capacity reached 3 million. Products are exported to the world. ASL source of high quality and low price, to seek the effect of rapid care policy, is willing to work with friends to create a broad beautiful tomorrow!