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Prospects of wind power generation as renewable resources

Wind energy as a clean renewable energy, more and more attention by international countries. The great amount of aggregates, the global wind energy is about 2.74 * 10^9MW, which can make use of wind power is 2 * 10^7MW, the total amount of water on earth can be developed by 10 times bigger. Wind was used very early - mainly through the windmill pumping, grinding, etc., and now, we are interested in how to use wind power generation.
China's new energy strategy began to develop wind power as the key points. According to the national plan, the next 15 years, the national wind power installed capacity will reach between 20 million to 30 million kilowatts. To 7000 yuan per kilowatt installed capacity of equipment investment accounting, according to wind energy international magazine released, the future of wind power equipment stores will be up to $210 billion to $140 billion.
China's wind power and other new energy generation career prospects are very broad, it is estimated that in the future for a long time will maintain rapid development, together with the surplus will also be gradually improved steadily with the technology. 2009 the total profit of the occupation will maintain a high rate of increase, through the rapid increase in 2009, estimated 2010, in 2011 growth will drop slightly, but the rate of increase will reach more than 60%.
Wind power development to the present period, its price is constituted with coal, hydropower competitive advantage. Wind power advantage lies in: in order to double, the cost will drop 15%, in recent years, international wind power increase has remained at more than 30%. With the localization of the installed power and the scale of China's wind power, wind power costs are expected to fall again. So wind power began to become increasingly gold investors by land.
The Ming developed commodity insulators (insulation column) as an integral part of wind power, played an important effect. As the name implies, insulators have insulation characteristics, together with live parts can play a supporting and wet effect. Can ensure the use of goods in high strength mechanical environment. Now the company has successfully developed 100 kinds of insulation column commodity, annual production to reach only 3 million. Goods are exported to the world.