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Selection of insulation column data

The insulation column is for communication cabinet, electric power, mine, machinery, energy, frequency conversion equipment in areas such as the equipment supply application request, method and apparatus using environment around of the special needs of its primary components, fixed support, connection and insulation effect, also called insulator and insulation from the column. The fundamental shape combination cylinder, six angle body, round table, between the six angle body usually tighten device card, center two end column are inlaid nut or screw. In the past, ceramic materials are usually used to make insulation column, but the ceramic material making terminal column despite the temperature function superior contrast, but its strength is not, the device and the application process simple fragmentation doubt.
Also useful plastic materials to produce insulation column, but the plastic high temperature function is not, plastic long time high temperature operation simple aging, make insulation column function reduce. The past is a phenolic resin insulating column most commonly known as bakelite bakelite production data, but data than the previous two kinds of data are forward, but the data of bakelite color contrast is not monotonous, and the strength is very good, and showed the BMC data of the insulating column information to carry out to the BMC direction.
BMC data are often referred to as unsaturated polyester molding plastics. Its main raw material by GF (short cut glass fiber), UP (unsaturated resin), MD (filler) and various additives through the full mix of material into the group prepreg. BMC data in twentieth Century in the former West Germany and the United Kingdom, the first use, and then in the United States and Japan in 70s and in the larger development in the year of 80s respectively in the year of. Because BMC has the electrical function, excellent mechanical function, heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, which is satisfied with the request of all kinds of insulation column function, and the habit of molding technology facilitates insulating column large-scale production, therefore, BMC can replace the bakelite insulating column material manufacture.