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Effect of icing on composite insulator

Introduction: our company is a production, research and development of electric trading company. Main production line ceramic insulators, glass insulators, suspended insulators, composite insulators, high-voltage insulators, pillar insulators, arrester, high and low voltage barrier switches, high voltage fuses and other seven categories of products. Tel: 076922087510
Effect of icing on composite insulator
Glass insulator uniform electric field strength decrease sharply, the ice in the future, the first big change between the high pressure end umbrella skirt and second large umbrella skirt uniform electric field intensity is very large, mainly because with the addition of ice is the length of the air gap between the umbrella skirt is reduced, so the uniform electric field strength between the umbrella skirt is add. When the pressure ring is in - 15 - 5em, the uniform electric field strength between the umbrella skirts is higher than the uniform electric field strength at the high pressure end. Under the condition of high end male ZO cover with the maximum electric field strength range of pressure equalizing ring end and the tenth chapter. The change between the first and the 20 chapter Da Mou monthly figure 3 -21 ice under the condition of high voltage side with the equalizing ring range of uniform electric field intensity changes.
Steel glass insulator icing is a special kind of pollution, while the insulator flashover is a special kind of pollution if not all Hong insulator pressure devices, so the voltage spread along the surface is not uniform, which often form part of the discharge end of high voltage, shortening the creepage distance of the insulator insulation function decreased n insulator in order to improve the composite insulator voltage distribution, which spread evenly, because part of the arc discharge part is too large to prevent formation of field operation, often with the equalizing ring in the insulator, advocate high pressure ring height 5cm. 
This article establishes the electric field calculation model of iced composite insulator under different umbrella skirt structure, and compares the electric field characteristics of the Iced Insulator under double umbrella and four umbrella skirt.
Icing on the composite insulator electric field along the drawing distortion is very serious, the existing umbrella type composite insulator under icing conditions along the critical breakdown field of surface air beyond the maximum field strength is very simple, so that the partial arc flashover, and high field strength on the part of the composite insulators hydrophobicity and material aging.