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Influence of insulator placement

Composite insulators are generally used in direct or horizontal placement, operation practice has been confirmed. Horizontal V type instead of straight V can improve the voltage level of transmission lines. The reason is to improve the performance of composite insulator core, small diameter, horizontal placement, cross-sectional area reduction, water film due to inability to adhere to meet the time on the insulator, so it can not meet the drying area in which arc discharge caused flashover.
The study on the leakage and erosion of composite insulators can draw the following conclusions:
The inclination of the upper and lower skirt has a major influence on the creepage and erosion loss of the composite insulator. Therefore, in the choice of the application of outdoor insulators, the two aspects of data and planning should be considered simultaneously.
Under DC voltage, no matter the porcelain insulator or composite insulator, the withstand voltage ability of the composite insulator is lower than that of the communication. While the DC polarity (-DC), more than communication is about 50% lower, so it is necessary to progress in the planning of a voltage level to think.