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Mechanical strength of composite insulators

The mechanical strength of composite insulators is affected by time, load, environmental condition, insulator structure and data.
According to the query failure of composite insulators of transmission line in North America, most of the trouble on umbrella skirt damage, such damage is usually caused by the effect of induction by environmental and electric field, and the mechanical failure of many attacks, the main reason is that the mechanical load of insulator in operation in the most time, only a part of the uniform the load tolerance, far less than the load tolerance mandrel, can be said that the reliability of composite insulators in the mechanical strength is much better than that of porcelain insulator. With the further study of organic composite insulators, the mechanical strength failure phenomena of composite insulators are studied in the world.
Mechanical strength failure under static load and dynamic load impact, 4 types of composite insulators used in Power Research Institute have been tested for rated failure load. Failure time test, tensile impact and bending test under static tension load.
The test found that all incidents are core cracking, and began in the end. According to the results analysis, 
determine the failure reasons for the following 3:
① In the tensile strength to the mandrel mandrel cracking load.
② The mandrel stress exceeds the shear strength, the mandrel surface appear crack, the crack along the 45 degree and the insulator axis direction of rod to heart, and presents the layered glass fiber on the mandrel, the mandrel is extended in delamination cracking destruction.
③ Because the bond is not strong the mandrel in the attachment.
Under the equal load, the dynamic load is shorter than the static load caused by the failure time, that is, dynamic impact load on the mechanical properties of organic composite insulators greater impact, which should lead to planning part of the focus.