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Development and running function of line organic composite insulator

The traditional porcelain insulator production has 100 years of history, has accumulated rich experience of outstanding operation, function and high reliability, have the consistent specification in many aspects of production skills, product specifications, test and inspection, and various voltage transmission lines with level of demand, is now the most Guangzhou commodity.
However, along with the transmission lines to ultra-high voltage, UHV, large capacity direction. But the porcelain insulator is facing more and more challenges. First, the weight of high tonnage porcelain insulator, and making device is not easy; secondly, the hydrophilic porcelain appearance resulting in heavy pollution accumulation, prone to pollution flashover, and zero breakdown are undoubtedly porcelain insulator.
In addition, porcelain brittle damage, damage damage and transportation and shooting device in the higher rate, plus a huge demand for insulation with the tower, line device, sweeping and check the huge workload, all line construction cost expensive, is not conducive to the further development of transmission line. Organic composite insulator (hereinafter referred to as composite insulator) is a new insulator which is based on the practice of porcelain insulator.
Compared with porcelain insulators, composite insulators have the following characteristics:
Light weight, small size. The weight of composite insulators is only equal to the voltage grade of porcelain insulators 1/7~1/10. Umbrella skirt is elastic, not broken, resistant to shooting, transport facilities convenient, economic.
High mechanical strength. The mandrel to withstand mechanical loads of composite insulators in the tensile strength is 5~10 times of ceramic materials. The rod section is small and the commercial scale is small, light weight, high strength and easy to make 300~500kV twists and turns, and above the level of the 300kN insulator.
Good resistance to dirt. The appearance of the composite insulator umbrella skirt has hydrophobic property, the rod diameter is long and thin, the pollution distribution is even, and the pollution flashover voltage is 1 times higher than the porcelain insulator with the same creepage distance, so the insulator with large creepage distance is easy to be manufactured.
Decreasing the workload of line protection. In the composite insulator insulation is fundamentally the same, usually do not attack zero breakdown. Because of the hydrophobicity of the umbrella skirt, usually do not need cleaning, which greatly reduces the workload of the Shanghai line.
The making technology simple, low construction investment, low energy consumption.