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Several viewing methods of composite insulators

The composite insulator is indispensable transmission equipment, the complex already in the transmission lines are widely used. However, many composite insulators are used for long time without any maintenance, which brings hidden troubles to transmission safety. Ming Electric Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. for us to introduce a number of composite insulator view.
1, not bad repair
According to this policy, the line equipment has been working until the damage so far, during which little overhead protection or maintenance costs. As in the scene, the damage is produced for people completely unable to control and predict, high-voltage wall bushing production work has become very difficult and even impossible to plan.
2, timing program maintenance
In accordance with the predetermined interval time, the implementation of preventive maintenance is the common practice of line maintenance. That is, according to the production plan, through a period of experience after the time, the line equipment to view and replace individual parts or all equipment. Strictly speaking, most of the timing of work such as regular cleaning, regular maintenance, spring and autumn two seized and regular overhaul can be included in this field. Implementation of timing program maintenance, according to the program blackout, all production processes easy to control and handle. Only in accordance with the requirements of the strict implementation of procedures to ensure that inspection and inspection results in good order, and to ensure that the quality of repair is basically able to ensure the safety and stability of the line work.
As a defect maintenance strategy, is a great intensity (the quality of the labor intensity and working face is too large and sometimes resulting in inspection and maintenance to ensure that two) the cost, timing and maintenance can not completely avoid the use of some equipment can continue to change in maintenance, and some of the equipment has been damaged and replaced too late to defect.
3, condition maintenance
Condition maintenance is preventive work based on the equipment condition. Condition maintenance is the leading strategy to save costs and reduce labor intensity. In the development of the power grid is increasingly huge, the user's request for reliability is getting higher and higher today, the state of the economic benefits of electric power enterprises expect more and more, the status of maintenance more show no substitute role. Ideal maintenance requirements for the status of the line to give successive attention, the important parameters of the work should be measured from time to time, and to evaluate and tidy up. In this respect, must not be confined to practice on line condition, numerical measured is a trend of the reason that help. Now, in terms of personnel skills, viewing equipment, as well as statistical analysis of the status of equipment and maintenance requirements also have a certain distance.
4, time view
The timing of the composite insulator to view the experiment, and timely notification view statements, based on the results of the composite insulator to develop the corresponding cleaning, maintenance strategy. For the operation of less than 10 years of composite insulators, at least every year regularly hydrophobicity measurement of 2 times, if found hydrophobicity less than HC5, should replace the composite insulator.
Above is Ming's Electric Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. for the composite insulator several ways to view the introduction, we hope to help. For more information please visit: composite insulator reproduced please indicate, thank you!