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What is a composite post insulator

Composite post insulator is an important component of substation operation, many for blocking switch, circuit breaker, support high-voltage wire, plays a supporting effect, for safe operation supply guarantee. Composite insulators made of glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin drawing rod, a silicon rubber umbrella skirt, fitting three some form. The utility model has the advantages of high bending strength, small volume, light weight, strong shock resistance and shock resistance, high mechanical strength, small dispersion, excellent dirt resistance function, good anti pollution function, strong anti pollution flashover force and no manual cleaning.
Composite post insulator for polluted area, high mechanical tensile load, large span and compact lines. Pollution flashover voltage than the same grade porcelain and glass insulators progress 30%-50%. At -60 degrees --+200 degrees temperature stable function; no breakdown plan choice, without measuring zero operation. Electrical function is superior, high mechanical strength, epoxy glass internal bearing drawing rod tensile flexural strength is 2 times higher than ordinary steel, is 8~10 times of high strength porcelain materials, useful for the safe operation of the improved reliability.
The composite post insulator has excellent pollution resistance function, good anti pollution function, strong anti pollution flashover strength, and its wet withstand voltage and pollution withstand voltage are 2~2.5 times of the same creepage porcelain insulator. And do not need to clean, in heavy pollution to safe operation. Small size, light weight (only for the same voltage grade porcelain insulator 1/6~1/9). Light structure, easy to transport and equipment is a composite pillar insulator strengths.
In accordance with the regulations, 110 thousand volts and above composite pillar insulator every 6 years demand was sampling once, ultrasonic testing. 
Need to check previous technology in equipment outage condition, and demand for workers climbing operations, in power equipment inspection and the operation efficiency is low, greatly affected the project smoothly open. With the increase of operation time, the decrease of insulation function, the appearance of structural defects or the addition of surface contamination and humidity, the composite insulator will occur corona and surface partial discharge phenomenon. In the discharge process, the corona and the discharge place will have many radiation ultraviolet rays, so may according to the ultraviolet radiation intensity, the direct evaluation operation equipment insulation condition and discovers the insulation equipment the shortcoming.