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What kind of composite insulator manufacturing technology

Composite insulators are widely used in power generation, substation, transmission, distribution, electricity category, is an indispensable insulation equipment. Many types of composite insulators, according to different conditions do not choose the same material and different characteristics of goods. So what kind of composite insulator manufacturing technology?
1 single umbrella with flower set Bauer Calgary type adhesive glue pattern: outer sheath after molding mandrel, the introduction of RTV silicone rubber adhesive good umbrella on the gap, vacuum poured into the polymer filler, the connection fittings for end seal after the end of production. This kind of technology is the prophase technology, the working procedure is many, the dispersion is big, its filling glue technology is very difficult to guarantee the batch production 220KV and above voltage level fullness. Because a mandrel deflection, glue the small gap, the mandrel and the umbrella on wall contact prone to half of adhesive obstruction, some of which constitute the filled rubber insulation defects.
2 sheath and stick umbrella disc: wool processing by mandrel brush binder, the extruded into sheath, after two times of sulfide and sulfide has good wear in flash umbrella umbrella with RTV silicone rubber adhesive, the end connection fittings, sealed after the end of treatment. This technology produces high power, low outlet temperature for domestic charter squeeze, bonding rod mainly by two vulcanization, powder bonding plate and the sheath surface is small.
3 The section or an injection method by the mandrel wool processing brush binder, the injection molding machine mold in injection molding. Insulator high voltage split injection molding, after two times of vulcanization, fittings for connecting sealing end. Rod of this technology is the thermal coupling, good adhesion, as long as the inner insulation layer interface, the interface is less than the new production technology.
4 The overall molding technology more than umbrella skirt: the overall molding method is more advanced internationally, which is characterized in that the bond forming and skirt mandrel is an end in the mold, and then shorten the process, reduce the influence of human factors on the quality of the goods, and improve the power and qualified rate. But the whole mold also has disadvantages, now the EHV transmission line composite insulator rod for single length is more than 3m, if formed by integral molding, then die. The production will be very easy, expensive, is unrealistic, not suitable for the production of higher voltage grade goods.