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Composite insulator transmission and distribution equipment

The composite insulator is the primary insulation in power transmission and transformation equipment, has been widely used in the operation of the power grid, is used for producing all kinds of composite insulators for electrical transmission and distribution equipment, safe and normal operation plays a very important effect. Common insulator transmission and distribution equipment are the following
High voltage class: power cable, high voltage circuit breaker, transformer, contactor, frequency converter, arrester, barrier switch, load switch, fuse, grounding switch and high voltage insulation equipment, etc.;
Low voltage: circuit breaker, contactor, relay, starter, transformer, capacitor, power rectifier, voltage regulator, all kinds of electrical switches, compensator, terminals, lightning arrester, reactor, explosion-proof electrical appliances, terminal etc.
Switch type: knife switch, load switch, switch, barrier switch, combination switch, button switch;
Complete sets of equipment: high and low voltage switchgear, power supply cabinet, power distribution cabinet, control cabinet etc..
Insulator is one of the Guan Jian components of overhead lines. Its function will affect the safety of the whole line, along with the development of the power grid to ultra-high voltage capacity, along with the continuous improvement of the voltage level, the power system on insulator request is getting higher and higher. The composite insulator comprises a core rod, an umbrella skirt, fitting 3 parts, is a new insulator by the organic polymer insulating material as the main insulation materials manufactured. Its remarkable characteristic is not the same as the data were satisfied with the selection of mechanical and electrical function of the insulator's request to bear the mechanical load and the primary plug in insulation and sheath, the umbrella skirt and protect the atmospheric environment from the mandrel bear erosion, together supply necessary creepage distance and wet flashover, flashover, fittings the effect is to transfer the mechanical load and connecting wire.
Characteristics of composite insulator:
1, small size, light weight, convenient transportation, equipment and protection; repair supply convenience and convenient conditions for the light tower and trouble.
2, due to high pollution resistance: silicone rubber with water repellent function strong, the pollution flashover voltage of insulator leakage ratio higher than the same interval of 100% to 150%, can achieve the superiority of no protection, do not have to clean the heavy pollution area in operation, is now the most high voltage insulator for high voltage transmission line ideal use of anti pollution insulator.
3, wet flashover voltage: dry flash voltage of 90% to 95%, so the Internal Overvoltage insulation level is high.
4, not easy to be broken: no zero insulator, low loss, high reliable operation function.
5, strong corrosion resistance.