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Development and types of composite insulators

Composite insulator is a new insulator composed of at least two kinds of insulation materials and metal accessories. The high tensile strength of glass fiber reinforced resin rod as the insulator mandrel, to accept the mechanical load, the load after the end fitting is transferred to the mandrel. The external jacket and skirt mandrel (with aging of polymer materials with excellent production), maintenance and supply of mandrel against atmospheric corrosion, creepage distance required. Because the core of glass fiber reinforced polymer materials and Liu purpose umbrella skirt excellent function. The composite insulator is superior to the traditional porcelain insulator in mechanical strength, pollution resistance flashover function and so on.
Structure and type of composite insulators on the whole, the composite insulator is composed of a core rod, sheath (or without sheath), umbrella skirt and the end of four some components of metal accessories. From the viewpoint of continuous structure, the representative structures of composite insulators are introduced. The mandrel and the umbrella skirt structure made of composite insulator even simple structure of the umbrella skirt between the inner diameter of the sleeve and the mandrel diameter, expanding sleeve. A single umbrella skirt set in one by one squeeze mandrel, a viscous dielectric sealing material lipid core rod and housing interface.
Later because of the sealing function of lipids is not ideal, and use elastic adhesive materials (such as rubber). In order to protect against corrosion of wet air outside the mandrel soaked, often wrapped in a layer of elastic material sheath on the core rod by using adhesive dielectric will be bonded on the sheath umbrella skirt. There are a lot of new composite insulator with the core sheath maintenance methods, but are directly in the sheath extrusion extrusion machine. Whether the sheath is determined by the level of the end interface seal. Because the processing end leakage proof problem (i.e. good sealing), so no longer use this jacket maintenance mode, forming a mandrel and a skirt coat mold, the interface does not exist gap, may exclude the mandrel and the interface soaked wet umbrella skirt.
The end of the binding structure of the composite insulator end connection are mainly within the wedge, wedge, mechanical kneading, binding four. After years of development, foreign countries have gradually abandoned the pre and post, wedge traditional approach. The mechanical kneading and adhesive binding interface.
Internal wedge structure. This structure has a wedge casting in metal enclosure, the mandrel from the shaft into a plurality of parts constitute the end of the wedge expansion, avoid mandrel stripping. The mandrel wedge, and epoxy resin filling internal accessories until the port sealing or other lipid sealing port data. This is because the inner wedge type structure of mandrel wedge split at the end was straight and wedge surface stress effect, this force can be decomposed into the mandrel and the axial parallel and perpendicular to the axis of the heart and pointing stick outward two component. No matter the insulator supporting or the tension, the force can not be eliminated, a mandrel axial and circumferential stress in a special section, mandrel end interface splitting wedge formation decreases and the strength decreased, easy to form crack in the external load on the mandrel effect.
Improved internal wedge type. The wedge member and the mandrel end ladder, and then with adhesive to the mandrel, wedge, bonding and fixing accessories. The ladder structure contributes to the stress distribution, the progress of mandrel load tolerance function, but the damage to the mandrel ring stress still cannot be eliminated.
Is a kind of wedge kneading type structure, mandrel into the enclosure, after the external die metal accessories in kneading kneading mandrel. Its characteristic is no longer subject to the effect of internal mandrel stress in any way. But was attached along the mandrel ring to knead the stress on the glass fiber.
Epoxy resin mandrel is hazardous, together with the attachment end by kneading, must accept the stress, but this structure can make the end to obtain the minimum shear stress.
The biggest characteristic of cementing structure is core and can even touch the attachment is not straight, do not force or force, only the two adhesive bonded together. Only the stress effect of mandrel sheath and umbrella skirt ring, so the mandrel force more reasonable and uniform, excluding the impact of other parts of the mandrel stress. The strength of adhesive has been abroad is very high, even if the mandrel cracking, adhesive parts can not be detached. So, the mandrel force is reasonable or not, very large impact on the life of mechanical load tolerance of insulator. Reasonable planning and installation of end structure, contact the progress of composite insulator function.
A typical rubber mounting structural insulator. The connection way is first to annex the internal perfusion adhesive, sealing gasket is sleeved on the mandrel, and alignment concentricity stab into the accessories, accessories within the inverted cone shape. The upper end of the sleeve and the umbrella skirt sheath extends into the lower end of the inner mandrel with accessories, accessories and rubber seal adhesive bonding to the upper sealing, and painted on the jacket, skirt upper sleeve and accessories under the port and touch adhesive on the surface of the umbrella skirt, the interface will seal the lower end of the adhesive, the touch interface is leaking the structure, maintenance of mandrel sheath and an apron interface against atmospheric corrosion. 
The structure strength is large touch surface bonding, bonding very strong, good anti-seepage performance, but the attachment structure disorder, bonding surface and cohesive agent types, technical requirements for high complex structure will inevitably bring about difficulty for the production and technical equipment, the impact of commodity development. So in the premise to ensure the connection strength and the mandrel attachment shall be binding, structure is more simple, the key is to carry out the composite insulator.