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Function introduction of composite insulator

Composite insulators are usually made of glass or ceramics, with its small size, light weight, strong seismic resistance, high degree of pollution resistance a series of strengths, has become the darling of power operations.
Because thinking is often exposed to outdoor high-voltage wire, often face the harsh climatic conditions of fog, rain, dew, snow, ice melting, which is in the harsh conditions, presented many of the electric leakage caused casualties scene, become the people's risk, but the composite insulator is not the same, composite because of the insulator is usually made of glass or ceramic, glass and ceramics with organic composite materials, organic composite materials, the biggest strengths is its hydrophobic function makes the water separation of composite insulators on the surface of the independent water, no sewage convergence, there is no conductive ability, then solve the current leakage current or intense part the question of attack.
1 umbrella made of high molecular polymer made from silicone rubber has excellent hydrophobicity, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Can effectively avoid the pollution flashover incidents and attacks, reduce manual cleaning, avoid measuring zero protection, provide reliable ensure safe operation of the transmission line.
2 core selection of glass fiber reinforced resin stick, has the very high tensile strength (more than 1100Mpa), about 1.5 ~ 2 times of the ordinary steel, high strength porcelain 3 ~ 5 times. In addition, the mandrel also has outstanding anti fatigue cracking and vibration resistance, creep resistance.
3 The connecting fittings and mandrel used without damage mechanical crimping type connection, which is the leading connection method in the world. Its advantages are: safe and reliable connection, pressure stress distribution uniformity, and does not damage the integrity of the core glass fiber bundles, can give full play to the excellent characteristics of high tensile strength.