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Ming's insulator use ten years without replacement

Ming's Electrical Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of insulator (insulating column) of the manufacturers. The insulator (insulating column) is the supply of related equipment for communication cabinet, electric power, mine, machinery, medical, energy, frequency conversion equipment in areas such as using special parts request, method and device applications around the environment, it is mainly to live parts to fix the support, connection and insulation effect, also called insulator and insulation spacer.
All products are made of unsaturated resin BMC data note. Inserts mainly copper, steel based. To ensure the use of goods in a high-intensity environment.
Our advantage:
★Can we have 200 high quality insulators, the height from 16mm-260mm, screw from m4-m16 insulator. Custom insulators can be customized for customers.
★We can delivery 10 days beyond the capacity of 3 million.
★It is 10 years to ensure the quality of goods, cover SGS, flame retardant (UL94V-0) reached 100%.
★Can we have a professional and efficient team dedicated to wait for you to meet the supply of high quality service.
Sincere expectations can serve you, you are welcome to inquire 0769-22087510