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The beginning of the end of the replacement of UHV Line Insulators

Introduction: our company is a scientific research, production, sales of electrical development company. Main production line ceramic insulators, glass insulators, suspended insulators, composite insulators, high-voltage insulators, pillar insulators, arrester, high and low voltage barrier switches, high voltage fuses and other seven categories of products. Tel: 076922087510
9:15 on May 29th, in the + 800 thousand volt high-voltage complex Bong Line No. 2125 tower, Hubei provincial power company workers in China charged clothing factory, successfully enter the line through the potential of strong electric field, calm calm homework for 2 hours, successfully replace damaged insulator string, eliminating the line defect. This is our country in the UHV DC transmission line on the initial implementation of large-scale live operation, fill the domestic technical field blank. National Power Grid Corp deputy general manager Jun Jun Qing made an instruction: fully affirmed, to be implemented, continuous innovation, to ensure safety.
Previously, in the UHV complex Bong line Yingfengduoxia special risk investigation, the national electricity network in Hubei found that the line No. 2125 tower pole constitute the equalizing ring tilt, insulator bolt drop, equalizing ring falls on insulator formed on the sheath. In the subsequent elimination of live working, the company found the equalizing ring bird cover has cut edge insulator sheath, arrived at 3.6 mm depth. The insulator jacket is a serious defect in the scratch, corrosion and corrosion under the effect of the composition of mechanical strength of the insulator mandrel is reduced, even resulting in brittle fracture caused the failure of string operations, if not timely deal with the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.
The same day, the national network of Hubei electric power selection method will basket equipotential worker Zhou Cheng, Li Wenliang into the strong electric field, two people use special light equipment research and development of new insulator tension transfer, satisfying end equipotential change V string insulator, avoid losing 6 million 400 thousand kwh of electricity delivery. These two workers address the live working team has accumulated more than 1000 times to open live operation, equipotential operation time of up to more than 100 hours, laid the foundation for the satisfactory completion of this live operation.
For a long time, the national network of Hubei electric power company in accordance with the request, we charged the front-end technology pioneer work, first in the country to open the UHV AC / DC electrification practical technology research, the beginning of the end of EHV Transmission Line Helicopter live working; active new technology, new method and new technology research of live working, and the six Division, eight a split device, hydraulic device and insulating rod progress and flexible live operations of a number of UHV special equipment; the invention of a high level of live working force, adhere to the international advanced level of live working.