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Talent Strategy

Yin Yin is used, eclectic, people-oriented, create a better future。
Work is successful, career is only wide, talent is the key factor in the cause of success, an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development, Saulan Investment Group has always insisted“



Yin Yin is used, eclectic, people-oriented, create a better future。


career plan

Organizational career management is a kind of professional management. It is a series of planning, organizing, leading and controlling activities carried out by employees on the basis of professional and career development in order to achieve the effective combination of organizational goals and individual development. Organizational organizations play an important role in the career development of individual employees. Therefore, organizational career management is naturally related to personal career management of employees. Individual career must be based on organization as the carrier of dependency. Therefore, the organization of career management and personal career management It is an interdependence, interaction and common development。