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Company Profile


Company Profile


Mings Electricity Technology (Dongguan) Ltd. is conveniently situated in Dongguan, Guangdong province of China – a world renown city forthe manufacture industry.Mings is dedicatedto establishthe top tier platform forelectricity &power transmission and transformation solutions, with the purpose of well-service the Belt and Road countries’infrastructure construction and development strategy plan.
The R&D and the operation team are consist of a group of elite experts, scholars, researchers and experienced professionals who also play quite an influential role in both domestic and international power transmission and transformation industry. With joint effort, company is committed to co-share its expertise and comprehensive solutions and technology in the power transmission and transformation field with the Belt and Road counties in order to achieve mutual beneficial development.
The business scopecovers a wide range of Composite insulators, lightning Arresters, Cable accessories, Power distribution line tower design plans, full-packaged test solutions of electrical products, and mould design & manufacture for precision electrical products, etc. With strong integrated international marketing resources as well as seasoned brand operating capability at overseas market, Mings has signed off strategic partnership agreementwith a number ofselected enterprises& factories producing high-quality power transmission and transformation products in China. The win-win cooperation creates unique edge and with no doubt brought a more forward and sophisticated technology solutions to Mings’ existing customers.
Recently, by cooperating with a notable Indonesianmanufacture enterprise, Mings has established a Joint Venture named “PT. MULTI ELECTRIK INDONESIA” in Jakarta. MULTI strives to supplying comprehensive solutions and top-quality product of transmission & transformation system to not only Indonesia itself but also with extension towards Southeast Asia region. Moreover, In North Africa, Mings has cooperated with a well-known local enterprise and established theNational Power Product Testing Laboratory. The National Lab currentlyoperates and provides electrical performance testing service forAfrican Countries and the Middle East, such as Composite insulators, lightning arresters, Fuses link, cable accessories, Transformers, etc.
Towards Belt &Road Countries, in view of their electric and power development plan and the economic situation, Southeast Asia in particular,Mings possess in-depth research and good understanding through years of practice and cultivation. At present, company has already developed a pool of professionals and talents, who are committed to offer high quality consulting service and resources to those Chinese enterprises willing to expand their portfoliointo Southeast Asia.
A New Era withBrand-new Business Format & Prospecting. Mings Electricity, by placing continues effort into strengthen its core competence of technology, resources and innovation, it is striving to become the market leader to promote industry alliance, transformation & sustainable development.
With the principle of harmonious and mutual beneficial cooperation, Mings is willing to grow with its partners and counterparts across industries.